We reach those who have never heard the gospel!
Efficient mission through support to national evangelists!
We train preachers through seminars in the mission-field!

The purpose with Mission Barnabas is to reach the world with the gospel by training and supporting pastors, evangelists and church-planters, in countries where there are big unreached ethnic groups. We work where we find open doors for our ministry and at present we serve in Bangladesh and India.

Today there are about 8 billion people on earth. At least 1,6 billion live in Bangladesh and India. There is a huge amount of ethnic groups and vast areas where the gospel hasn't got any foothold yet. When Jesus told us to go out into the whole world and make disciples of all nations, he really meant ALL NATIONS. We are convinced that God's heart beats specially for those who have never had the chance to hear the gospel.

Primarily we use our resources to train national gospel-workers through Bible-Schools and preachers seminars. In these countries they often have a tough situation, and through our seminars we equip them and encourage them to proceed in their ministry. We get many testimonies about how important it is for them. In this way we indirectly reach hundreds of thousands of people with the Good News about Jesus.

It's our policy to do all this in cooperation with, and by the initiative of our partners in the different countries. We are convinced that the nationals are the most skilled to reach their own people, and the absolutely best missionaries we can send out.

We call our ministry Mission Barnabas because our work is in line with Barnabas that we can read about in the book of Acts. In Acts 9:26-27 and 11:22-24 we can see how he opened the way for Paul into a fruitful ministry, and how his way to encourage the believers was the reason why many came to Christ. This is our target in our missionary work.




Village in Bangladesh